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Outlander PHEV Charging

Charging the Outlander PHEV

Just how much does it cost to charge the Outlander PHEV?

With a complete charge taking just 9.8KWh* of electricity and an EV range of up to 33 miles, the Outlander PHEV can run on its EV battery for a fraction of the cost of conventional petrol or diesel.

What's your cost per kwh **


cost per complete charge


Outlander PHEV combined fuel economy of 166 mpg is achievable using a combination of EV and petrol. Official EU MPG test figure shown as a guide for comparative purposes and may not reflect real driving results.

* Outlander Full Charge: The amount of energy required to charge will vary and is affected by a number of factors, including ambient temperature and the traction battery’s current state of charge.

** Find your cost per Kilowatt Hour (KWh) on your electricty bill

Charging electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles

These days plug-in hybrids and electric vehicles are very easy to operate and as the network of UK charging stations continues to expand, owning one is more convenient than ever. At Mitsubishi Motors UK we know that many people have yet to experience owning or driving one so here is everything you need to know about where and how to charge your plug-in hybrid Outlander PHEV as well as information on safety and the car's innovative battery.

Outlander PHEV outside

Where to charge your car

Charging your car is now possible using a range of publically available charge points throughout the UK and it's even possible to have a dedicated charge point installed in your own home.

Outlander PHEV charging video

Charging at home

You have two options when it comes to home charging. You can charge from a standard 3-pin plug socket or via a dedicated EV charging point.

Charging the Outlander PHEV at home

Charging from a standard plug

You can charge your plug-in hybrid or electric car directly from a standard mains socket, though we recommend that you have a qualified electrician inspect your home's electric wiring.

The Outlander PHEV comes equipped with a 5 metre charging cable for connection to a standard plug socket.

Empty to full charge time (approx.): 5 hours

Using public chargers

The network of public chargers continues to grow and with thousands already available across the UK it's never been easier to keep your electric or hybrid car fully charged when you're out and about.

Outlander PHEV charging at public networks

AC Charging

The majority of public charge points in the UK will offer AC current charging via an untethered, type 2 charging point. In order to use these charging points it is necessary for drivers to have their own type 2 to type 1 charging lead.

The charging cable can be purchased from any authorised Mitsubishi dealership or you can order it on our Accessories page.

Using 16A the Outlander PHEV will charge from empty to full in approximately 3 and a half hours.

Please note that Outlander PHEV will charge at a maximum of 16A. Charge points that provide higher levels of current can still be used but will not offer shorter charging times.

DC Charging

All Outlander PHEVs are supplied with a DC rapid charging socket which can be used at the many CHAdeMO charging stations across the UK.

All CHAdeMO charging stations will have the charging lead attached to them and therefore drivers will not need to have their own lead to use them.

Rapid charging allows for an 80% charge in approximately 25 mins. To avoid malfunction, please ensure you follow the instructions on the charging unit carefully

Find charging points near you

There are thousands of public electric vehicle charging points across the UK, maintained by several networks. Our EV charging UK wide locator enables search of charge points by speed and location. Click the banner below to visit the Mitsubishi's EV UK charge point locator.

Companies operating charging networks

Public charging network access card

Gaining access to charging networks

Access to public charge points may need registration and/or pay as you go tariffs. Sign up is typically very easy and Zap Map provide a useful overview of each charging network complete with links to make things even easier.

Charging safely

Here are a few safety tips for charging your Mitsubishi plug-in vehicle.

Outlander PHEV safe charging rain

Charging in the rain

Your Mitsubishi plug-in vehicle is safe to charge in the rain. All connections are fully sealed and tested to comply with safety standards. Care should be taken when connecting to and disconnecting your vehicle from a power source to ensure your hands are dry and they do not come in to contact with the metallic terminals on the charge port or connector. The car should not be charged when the mains power outlet is exposed to rain.

Safe charging electrician plug

Testing your home electrics

If you plan to charge your Mitsubishi plug-in vehicle from a standard 13A, 3 pin socket, we recommend that a qualified electrician check the circuit you intend on using. This is a safety precaution only but it is a good idea. Extension cables and multi-plug adapters must not be used for charging your Mitsubishi plug-in vehicle.

Outlander PHEV safety dedicated charger

Dedicated charging units

While charging from a standard 3-pin plug is perfectly fine, there really is no substitute for a professionally installed dedicated EV charger. Using an EV charger is faster, more efficient and with the help of the Outlander PHEV's smartphone app, charging can be scheduled for when home electricity costs are at their cheapest.

We recommend Chargemaster and Pod Point as our official dedicated home charging partner.

Outlander PHEV charging cable maintenance safety

Cable Safety

It's important to ensure you take good care of the cables to ensure safe charging. Check them regularly for wear and tear and never use if wires are exposed. Make sure not to over-stretch the cables by parking close enough to the charging outlet that the cable is not over-extended.

If you have any questions contact you local Mitsubishi dealer.

About the battery

The Lithium-Ion battery allows the PHEV to achieve incredible fuel economy and low CO2 emissions.

Lithium Ion battery


Rechargeable battery

Battery cells

80 cells

(10 modules of 8 cells)

3000 volts


total voltage

5 year limited mileage warranty

8 year

100,000 mile warranty

Charging times and current details for the PHEV:

Type Current Amperage Duration (approx)
3 Pin Domestic Socket AC 10A 5 hours
EV Charger AC 16A-32A* 3.5 hours
Rapid EV Charger DC 125A 80% in 25mins

* The Outlander PHEV will draw a max of 16A while charging so whilst higher amperage charge points can be used there will not be a reduction in charge time.

Travelling in Europe

When travelling abroad, Outlander PHEV owners can use the mode 3 accessory cable with the many type 2 public EV chargers available in Europe. There are various EV Charging Station maps available for Europe to help you plan your journey such as Open Charge Map and ev-charging. Check compatibility before you travel.

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